Re: Pi W2

David J Taylor

On 24/01/2022 19:35, Chris Viningre wrote:
I'm experimenting with a Pi W2 running it on hamvoip and bridging it to DSTAR
with DVSwitch. The bridging is working well but the ASL has packet loss. I'm
thinking of overclocking if it's possible. Open for anyone else's thoughts.

Chris Viningre

On a RasPi 3B+ running DVSwitch and not much else the memory use is 800 MB.
The W2 has only 512 MB.

I also note that replacing a W with a W2 results in much more heat (expected)
and poorer GPS/NTP performance. The latter to be investigated, but I wonder
whether some harmonic is near the GPS frequency. The speed increase is nice,
but.... This running MMDVM.

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