DVSwitch HAMVOIP #dvs


Hello, I have a MicroHub with a RPi2 and internal Baofeng Radio which is hardwired to the RPi2, I can access the RPi on Allstar (no other modes available) using an RF radio which works well, but that's it. I would like to install DVSwitch to be able to also use the DVSwitch client. The MicroHub installation is from HAMVOIP, I've replaced the HAMVOIP MicroSD card with a MicroSD card running the latest Raspbian operating system and have DMR, YSF etc (USRP protocol) plus Allstar (IAX2 protocol) working absolutely fine which I can access via the DVSwitch client, spent hours on this but can't find a way of using the built in RF radio, has anyone done something similar, or any pointers on how I can use the radio, even if only on Allstar. Thanks in advance. John

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