Re: Monit: YSFGateway: does not exist

Steve N4IRS

Monit is monitoring the YSFGateway service. My guess is the service is not running. If it not running, you can not dial a YSF reflector with a number 812345 You can connect to a ysf reflector by IP or FQDN.
systemctl status ysfgateway to check if the service is running
systemctl start ysfgateway to start service

On 1/26/2022 12:21 PM, IK7VXC Mike wrote:
Hi Steve,
I don't know what happened but today when I opened the Monit dashboard I noticed that the YSFGateway process "does not exist".
However I don't seem to have any noticeable anomalies and under /opt/YSFGateway folder the file YSFGateway IS there (along with YSFGateway.ini).

How can I correct this issue? And if the process does not exist, what anomaly should I get?


Mike IK7VXC 

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