Re: DVSwitch HAMVOIP #dvs

Steve N4IRS

Here are updated instructions for existing node.

Goto option 1: Perform a system UPDATE from the Admin Menu
Make a backup copy of your HamVoIP SD card. Make sure both copies work.

Go to option 9: Start Bash shell interface from the Admin Menu

bash <(curl -s


Do basic setup of DVSwitch

Type exit to return to the Admin Menu

Go to option 3: Change the primary NODE number from the Admin Menu

Keep all your existing settings and add a IAX password for use with DVSwitch Mobile

You are set. DVSwitch-Server is connected to your private node 1999
The DVSwitch dashboard is at http://your.node.ip.address/dvswitch
Monit is at http://your.node.ip.address:2812 user = admin password = monit

If you get a error, STOP and ask.

On 1/27/2022 2:53 PM, John-EA5JAV wrote:
I'll do that Steve, and of course keep you updated, after the fresh install, I'll try and do a screen recording so you can see exactly what's going on if that helps, I'll be in touch and thanks again!!


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