Re: DVSwitch HAMVOIP #dvs

Steve N4IRS

The LED color change is probably a GPIO setting in simpleusb along with a event in rpt.conf. I'll see if I can find the info. Or maybe Peter can supply the needed settings to restore operation. BTW, neat idea the tri-color LED.

On 1/28/2022 2:50 PM, John-EA5JAV wrote:
Hello Steve, that's perfect timing, downloaded latest HAMVOIP image this afternoon, installed it, got it working perfectly including Echolink, and for RF also working, I entered details as you suggested using the attached screenshot and radio kicked in, the only thing is that LED light on the Box from G7RPG no longer changes colour, when on stand-by (Blue), Rx (Red) and Tx (Green), stays permanently on Blue, but I can Rx & Tx OK.

I'll print off your most recent instructions and do it next.

Thanks, John  

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