Allstar node 50281 and dvswitch


I had allstar node 50281 running fine without dvswitch attached. I shut down node 50281 …so I would not corrupt the sd card…and replaced sd card with another sd card with node 50281 configured and installed dv switch to it. I had trouble with it and was not sure it it was running. At this point I shutdown replaced sd card to original rebooted  and instead of booting to all star node it started dvswitch only (completely different sd card). Looking at allstar map my node is not showing, supermon stopped working. I think I some how made 50281 private.??
Question? Can I uninstall the dvswitch and get things running before the install of switch. Do I need another node running? Did I miss something in install? Or did I brick it ugh.
thank you in advance 
P.S I am new to this digital stuff. Hope I explain it ok.

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