Re: DVSwitch HAMVOIP #dvs


Hi Steve, I promised I would double-check the IAX password step again, started from another clean image and did it again following your instructions that were spot on, I have one observation which may be of interest, all working perfectly (Allstar via IAX2, DMR, P25 etc on USRP) using DVSwitch, however what’s interesting is that in DVSM I have my callsign EA5JAV in the [Username] field and in the [Password] field have my correct Password that I chose previously when setting up as per instructions and everything works perfectly, I happened to check /etc/asterisk/iax.conf, the stanza for [EA5JAV] had a blank password, so it hasn’t picked it up when going through the setup menu, another interesting thing is that as the password is blank, I can enter anything in DVSM password field and it connects and works. I’ve manually changed iax.conf and replaced the blank password to have the correct one, and all good now. Apart from that everything else fine, thanks again Steve


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