Re: Pi-star for a RX only?

Steve N4IRS


Interesting idea. That question is better asked here: <>

Steve N4IRS

On 1/29/22 13:03, chris wrote:
Hello everyone,
I would like to set one of my hotspots to RX only. I have a slight null on my repeater system to the southeast about 15 miles out how ever the TX of the repeater is very good and using a mobile there is no issues. I would like to use a hot spot as a RX only solution for HT's.
We have a hot spot on top a building currently in the area with the null, the tested has shown it works very well as a satellite receiver. The problem is the hotspot still transmits and we would avoid this all together. Yes, we can change the offset on the TX side to +20000 and we would not hear the TX but this isn't correct because it's still TX-ing just on a diffrent freq.
Is there anyway to rewrite the code for RX only? 

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