Re: Pi-star for a RX only?


You might try a usrp connection to a node config'd with the same. Probably have to see pistar folks for that usrp on their side.

That is how we get DVS to ASL.

Anyway, that's my only idea.

On 1/29/2022 1:36 PM, Steve KC1AWV wrote:
I know that this is a bit off-topic for the board, so Steve please forgive me, but this has me thinking.

As a thought experiment:

I wouldn't use Pi-Star. I would create my own install of MMDVM and MMDVM_HS. Configure MMDVM to work as normally, but use something like iptables to block incoming UDP packets from the network. This may result in what you want - a 'hotspot' that hears, but can't talk.

I say not to use Pi-Star only because there's a lot of overhead for functions that are being purposely broken for this application. Pi-Star also has auto-update features that can cause your desired config to change without notice.

-Steve KC1AWV

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