Re: Connecting Two YSF Reflectors - No Location Data Passed

Steve N4IRS

Can you post the section of the MMDVM_Bridge log where traffic is passing between reflectors?

Steve N4IRS

On 2/22/2022 10:54 AM, David - AK2L wrote:
I have two YSF reflectors connected with DVSwitch/MMDVM-Bridge.  They have been active for over 2 years and pass audio just fine.

There is a small problem: Location data (Lat/Long) does not cross the bridge.  If two users are sharing the same reflector -- that is, not using the bridge -- they may show as being 5.5 miles apart.  However, if the two users are on different reflectors, they show as being 3,000+ miles apart, even when they are only a few miles apart.

Is there a setting I can correct to make this work?  Is there an update that addresses this?


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