Re: dvswitch mobile phone setup for any internet connection

Doug - W4DBG

You need to assign the device that is the server a static IP address on your LAN.  


Open the port you have assigned your DVSwitch server to use. 

You do that in your router. It will be under gaming/firewall or something similar. 

Next you need to know your WAN address if your home internet. This is from your Internet provider. 

If you don’t know what it is you can go to and it will give it to you. 

Please note. That address can change often. I would setup a dns service that could even be built in to your router (depending on make and model)

Now that you have the port open and you know your outside address you input that Info into your DVS mobile app and you are set. 



On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 10:10 AM billyjones2k14 via <> wrote:
hello, im new to using the dvswitch server. i have it running well on my home network, but would like to set it up for mobile use on a network radio using my phone as the internet hotspot.

I'm not too sure where to or how to setup internal external ip address so i can leave the dvswitch server at home and still  access the dvswitch from my phone internet.

i have managed to setup the static ip address on the raspberry pi, its just settin up for any other internet access

any help please
73 Billy

Doug Gooden

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