Re: Can I link to a second DMR Talkgroup?

Steve N4IRS

Let me see if I understand your request.
You have a AllStar node connected to your club TG so that analog users can talk to DMR users. During the net, you want your analog users to be able transmit and receive on different TG (123456).
What do the digital users do? Do they stay on your clubs TG or do they move to TG 123456 during the net?

Steve N4IRS

On 5/4/2022 5:00 PM, Frank C. D'Amato - KB2MXV wrote:
It's been a while since I visited the forum, My DVSwitch has been up and running fine for some time now.

I have my DVswitch connected to bransmeister with a target TG of my radio club (no repeater exists, just a TG we use).  We use an allstar node to connect our analog repeater to my clubs DMR talkgroup

Lets say on Monday nights, there is a DMR net on TG 123456, Is there a way for me to link to that talkgroup during the net, so that my club members can participate using our analog system?

I hope I explained that well

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