Re: What if you could build a AllStar bridge without having to build a AllStar node?

Steve N4IRS

AllStar <-> DMR would be no problem. IAX_Bridge would do nothing for the radio interface. IAX_Bridge does not connect to a radio in any way. Think of it as a AllStar network client. Web based control of IAX_Bridge would be possible. If you used Analog_Reflector, you would have access control by callsign and password.

Steve N4IRS

On 5/8/22 16:43, Mark Simon via wrote:
Having  DMR to Allstar would be great.  TGIF (DMR) is really nice as the group lets you easily get your own talk group for personal or club use.  
Not a lot of restrictions of hoops to jump.  
So, using a Zumspot on DMR from anywhere I have a radio connection to Allstar using DVswitch.  Currently i have to keep the PI running and connect to the right Allstar Node.  But easier would be better.  

It would be beneficial if the connection to a Radio from the hardware was easier.  Audio in/out and PTT without squelch, like windows echo link from a PC, would be a benefit.
This would avoid the dedicated radio (i.e. modified HT and USB Sound Dongle).  Using a Signal-link, Rigblaster, Buckmaster type of interface and a connection to MIC, SPKR and PTT.  Any of us that have unused Echolink setup have this stuff laying around.  

A Web based UI is nice as I can manage the hardware easier from outside the house using my phone.  VPN in and point the browser to the IP address or do port forwarding.     

Thanks for all you do and all you have done!  

Mark wd9jen

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