ASL<-->DMR problem


Folks I have been running DVSwitch with ASL for a couple of years on a Vultr cloud install. It has worked great but recently it stopped working. I may have not marked the kernel for hold on upgrades and probably caused the problem myself. When I initially set it up I went by Russell Thomas- KV4S's instructions. I now see that the new instructions recommend Debian Buster. I have reinstalled it with Buster but am having some problems. The ASL side is working great both in and out. I have set up my main hub node 49840 and 1999, they are connected and I can connect other nodes as well. 

My problem comes when I run MMDVM_Bridge.ini in the foreground. I get that MMDVM_Bridge is running but it fails to  log into the master. I have attached images of MMDVM_Bridge.ini, MMDVM_Bridge running and log into the master has failed, also my rpt.conf & modules.conf. Please look them over to see if I may have missed something as best as you can tell. If more info is needed please just ask.

Thanks and 73
Tim Webb - KK4WH

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