Re: Static Talk Groups on IPSC2 DMR+ Server

Steve N4IRS

[DMR Network]
# for DMR+ see
# for XLX the syntax is: Options=XLX:4009
# Options=

On 5/9/22 22:40, Mike Kilsby wrote:
Hi Group Members, I am looking for some info/help?

I have set up a DVSwitch Server and use the Android DVSM app to control the server.

I was wondering if it is possible to set up static TG’s when DMR mode is set to DMR+.
I often use the VK DMR Hotspot server which is IPSC2.
If you key say TG 505 it will remain on for the 15 mins or so then drop off.
With BrandMeister one can set Static TG’s via Self Care.
When using a Pi-Star server Statics can be set in “Options”

Can the DMR+ ini files? be configured to allow “options” like Pi-Star?

Any info or suggestions as to who can help greatly appreciated.

Best 73 Mike
VK4MY QLD Australia.

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