Re: Disconnection after 45 seconds

Steve N4IRS

Just a comment,
It looks to me like HamVoIP is diverging away from normal AllStarLink operation. I'm becoming concerned. I'm not saying the changes don't have value. It's just becoming a problem dealing with all the things that need to be changed to work properly with HV: 
requirecalltoken (The next version of DVSwitch Mobile will deal with this. Among quite a few added features)
COP, 25 removed
COP, 26 removed
Remote base

For DVSwitch,
73, N4IRS

On 5/9/2022 6:31 PM, Kk6qms wrote:
45sec disconnect on ASL can be caused by "remote base" setting and hamvoip version.

"The problem with node 49562 is that it’s setup as a “remote base” in the allstarlink portal. Here is the nodelist info:


The original remote base mode isn’t supported in HamVoIP, since no IAX2 link messages get sent when enabled as a “remote base.” HamVoIP requires link message (aka: heartbeats) at least every 45 seconds.

The simple solution is to just turn off the “remote base” mode by setting: “Is node a remote base station” to “No” in the 1, “Node settings” section list.

73, David K4FXC"

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