Re: What if you could build a AllStar bridge without having to build a AllStar node?


On 15/5/22 9:07 pm, Steve N4IRS wrote:
As of today, only ulaw. We are looking at other codec support. I'm not
sure I understand the "does it matter" Does it matter if it supports
other codecs?
For me, ulaw is all I need.  When running links, I want to use as little
compression as possible, because I know audio is likely to hit one of
the high compression vocoders (*MBE, Codec2 etc) somewhere in the
network.  It is unlikely I'd use another codec here.  These days,
there's few scenarios where you really have to conserve bandwidth - the
only one I can think of is a metered Internet connection with a small
data cap, which is getting rarer these days.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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