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On 22/6/22 4:33 pm, IK7VXC Mike wrote:

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Actually there are no issues. If you use DVS with a hardware vocoder
(AMBE) or an external Ambe Server or the like, the audio quality is
very good. The only problem is if you use a sofware vocoder. In such
case the audio from the mic is overly saturated and distorted (unless
you set the mic audio gain to 0.05). This gives an excuse to some
narrow-minded "talibans" to demonize DVS or other applications. But
only because they believe the only way to go is to use a "proper"
radio. That's all. There is another thread where I talk about this.
Yeah that's a different issue.  I use DVSwitch on D-STAR as the
transcoding part part of a multimode reflector.  No complaints about
audio quality on D-STAR.  I use a ThumbDV with AB to do the actual

As for users on my reflector, if they can be understood, I have no
issues, but I can't guarantee someone won't make comments if someone
does happen to have poor audio.  I haven't tried the software vocoder
lately, so I don't know what it sounds like.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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