Re: Bridging YSF to a DMR talk group?

Justin Mann

Hi there,
Apologies that I did not see the examples that are posted in the wikki, are there instructions for installing MMDVM bridge? I see something in pdf format, but using a screen-reader, it is difficult to read a pdf dockument, and see any kind of granular syntax: periods, commas, and capitalization etc. DO you have the installation instructions for MMDVM bridge in raw html format, so that I can cut, copy, and paste as needed?

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On 6/22/22 18:40, Justin Mann via wrote:
Hi there,
The YSF reflector and talk group are mine both. I’d talked to the administrators of TGif previously, and they were ok with me doing this. Is there guidance in how to do this with MMDVMbridge?

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I used to have anxlx reflector xlx94, but everobyd else decided they want to go in a different direction, so now the thought is to bridge a ysf reflector, 75749 to a talk group on TGIF’s network, 89435, and eventually add Brandmeister. Would I use the dvswitch html client to make this happen?
No, using the HTML client means you're going via Analog_Reflector, which
means an unnecessary transcode cycle (and loss of audio quality across
the bridge).

First step is to check with TGIF to see if you're allowed to bridge with
DVSwitch, and if so, whether there's other conditions. Assuming it's
fine, you can do a high quality bridge between YSF and DMR with a single
instance of MMDVM_Bridge.

As for Brandmeister, I try and avoid it, and if I do use BM, I only use
it as an ordinary DMR user. I'm more often found on VK-DMR (DMR+),
FreeDMR and FreeSTAR. Brandmeister have very strict (and inconsistently
enforced at times) bridging policies. First, you'll need to use
something like HBLink3, because BM will require you to use an OpenBridge
to bridge to their network. You may fall foul of BM's "rebridging"
policy here - they're not keen on talkgroups being rebridged to other
talkgroups on BM or other networks.

However, when bridging to multiple networks, HBLink3 is a good idea
anyway, as it simplifies things, and you can setup a local master for
MMDVM_Bridge to bridge to. I use the FreeDMR port of HBLink3 to bridge
a talkgroup on FreeDMR and FreeSTAR, and have a local master for
MMDVM_Bridge to link in my YSF and NXDN reflectors. And yes, the admins
of both networks are on board. :)

Anyway, using MMDVM_Bridge to bridge YSF and DMR is straightforward.
Enable both YSF and DMR, as well as the YSF Network and DMR Network
sections. Point these to the YSF reflector and DMR master/talkgroup
respectively. Finally, you'll need to edit DVSwitch.ini so that the DMR
Rx port is the same as the YSF Tx port and vice-versa. This directs TLV
traffic back to MMDVM_Bridge, so it can be passed on to the other network.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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