MMDVM with Motorola R1225 Repeater (DMR) #mmdvm_bridge

Jim Kusznir

Hi all:

I acquired a Motorola GR1225 repeater that was pre-configured with a pi-star/STM32-DVM setup for DMR.  Unfortunately, the programming all needed to be changed, as I'm installing this as a "real" repeater (coordinated, public, etc).

The original programming was set up with the repeater in "dual use" mode -- analog or digital repeating, pretty much to this spec:

However, I do NOT want analog repeating to work, AND I was assigned a coordinated channel from the 12.5khz spaced channel space.  So, I have two questions:

1) Should I be running this as 12.5khz instead of the 20/25/30khz?  (in fact, is that "channel spacing" the programing setting that sets 12.5khz instead of 25khz deviation)?
2) should the mode remain "Uni-Directional Repeater" or something else (perhaps Base Station or Repeater w/ Ext Controller?)

I am currently having issues with performance on dmr radios decoding transmissions; I am currently suspecting its tx deviation, but I lack a service monitor.  But the question of 12.5khz vs 25khz is really bugging me; it seems that as DMR is 12.5khz, I should have it set to a 12.5kHz channel instead of a 25kHz one (although I don't have the tools to see what is actually coming out of the radio RF-wise).

Thanks for your help!

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