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Jamie R. Cid <jay@...>

Thanks Corey,

I am using BM but PTT don't seem to work and "wakeup" the TG's on BM. Also I appear to get TG's that should be on TS1 coming in on TS2.. I figured it was related to this,

DMRlink looks to the BM server as a "SmartPTT" connection. This is not like a Motorola, Hytera or even MMDVM. SmartPTT connections must be setup by a BM server administrator. The TS/TG mapping is not available to the repeater sysop. The TS/TG mapping is ALWAYS static, it can not be User Activated (PTT). SmartPTT connections will not dynamically create a TS/TG map.

BM will send data to SmartPTT on a TS in a "first come first serve" basis. Example: You have 2 static TGs on TS1 mapped from BM to SmartPTT. TG1 and TG2. If the TS is quiet, traffic on TS1/TG1 will be sent to SmartPTT. Now while the TS1/TG1 traffic is "flowing" Traffic appears on TS1/TG2, The TS1/TG1 traffic will not be interrupted. Once the traffic on TS1/TG1 drops, BM will IMMEDIATELY send the TS1/TG2 traffic to SmartPTT. Thus "stealing" the TS. The user on TS1/TG1 will not hear traffic on TS1/TG1 until the traffic on TS1/TG2 stops.

Based on the information above, choose the TS/TG you request from any single BM server with care. DMRlink does have rules to control routing TS/TG from BM to DMRlink. If you have to have more then 1 TG on a given TS from BM, You should consider breaking up your requests to multiple BM servers. 

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If you are using BM as your gateway it is already following the BM defaults.  IF you want to do something more then you need to use a conference bridge to accomplish what you want.

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 9:34 AM, Jamie R. Cid <jay@...> wrote:
Hello All,

I am running dmrlink as follows,
BM <---> HB_Bridge <---> IPSC_Bridge <---> Motorola Repeater.

I have my talk groups statically trunked in and would like to setup a PTT method like on BM within this system. Is that possible? For example someone on my repeater keys up TG310 and it stays active for 5 minutes or whatever then closes again etc...

Ive looked through the wiki but it seems kinda slim ;)


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