Re: question on the PTT button on the new dv switch mobile

Steve N4IRS

There are currently two versions.
The first is the production version that is version 1.61 (147) That version does not have any of the AllStar enhancements. Purchasing the app allows you to save your settings.
The second version is the beta test version that is 2.0.0 (160) That version has the AllStar enhancements. If you purchased the production version, then the beta will also be the full version.

If you have the full version, change the keycode on the config tab. Go to the dialer screen before you exit. Now reenter the app, did your keycode stick?

Steve N4IRS

On 8/2/22 20:37, Jed Barton wrote:
ah, that might be the problem. I didn't realize you could buy it. I
take it the full version doesn't have all the web tranceive and all
that, right, it's still in beta I think.

On 8/2/22, Patrick Perdue <borrisinabox@...> wrote:

Did you buy DVSwitch? I think that setting, and some others, are only
saved if you have the full version.

On 8/1/2022 8:38 PM, Jed Barton wrote:
Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing well. So I had a question, and it's
driving me nuts. In the new dvswitch mobile, I use a device with an
external PTT button, it's a hardware button on the screen. In
dvswitch, there is an option to change the code. I change it, and it
works just fine. I change the code to 301. Here's my problem. After
using it, and when I exit the application, it diverts back to 230.
This is a huge problem. Is there any way to change this, so it saves
your value? It's super annoying to have to change it every time. Any



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