Re: PTT Configuration

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...> will have two IPSC systems configured, one for IPSC_Bridge and one for the repeater…. I you need more than 2 TGIDs from BM, you may actually have multiple IPSC systems configured for BM.

On Apr 26, 2018, at 8:55 AM, Jamie R. Cid <jay@...> wrote:

Hi Cort,

Will confbridge work even though I only have just the one repeater entry listed in the IPSC Bridge? It looks like I need to specify two things in bridge no?

 {'SYSTEM': 'MASTER-1(not used)',    'TS': 1, 'TGID': 1,    'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'ON',  'ON': [2,], 'OFF': [9,10]},
 {'SYSTEM': 'BRANDMEISTER',    'TS': 1, 'TGID': 310, 'ACTIVE': True, 'TIMEOUT': 2, 'TO_TYPE': 'ON',  'ON': [310,], 'OFF': [9,10]},

Cort Buffington

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