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First off I have only sent a total of 7 messages today, 6 being replies to something that was said and 1 being my initial post. "Rapid Fire" is being a bit facetious i think. Additionally my comments about the software were intended to be against myself as I always find myself setting things up backwards traditionally for fun. I am also a working professional and there is no stopwatch saying how fast it should take you to  respond to my posts. No one is critiquing you. If it takes you four days to reply then it is what it is. Now moving on to a more professional manner, I really appreciate your software and what you have created as I'm sure many people do so great job! and again very appreciated!
Now as I mentioned I am running this system as follows,
BM <---> HB_Bridge <---> IPSC_Bridge (IPSC Client) <---> Motorola XPR TRBO Repeater in MASTER mode.
The problem I am having is that the TG's come in randomly from BM on TS1 or TS2 depending which one is the active one in BM, for example TAC310. Now if I key my radio on TS1 TAC310 it will open 310 however If TAC310 TS2 is the active one in BM then I get nothing back as were on TS1. SO untill BM moves the TAC310 traffic from TS2 back to TS1 we hear nothing..
See here...
"BM will send data to SmartPTT on a TS in a "first come first serve" basis. Example: You have 2 static TGs on TS1 mapped from BM to SmartPTT. TG1 and TG2. If the TS is quiet, traffic on TS1/TG1 will be sent to SmartPTT. Now while the TS1/TG1 traffic is "flowing" Traffic appears on TS1/TG2, The TS1/TG1 traffic will not be interrupted. Once the traffic on TS1/TG1 drops, BM will IMMEDIATELY send the TS1/TG2 traffic to SmartPTT. Thus "stealing" the TS. The user on TS1/TG1 will not hear traffic on TS1/TG1 until the traffic on TS1/TG2 stops."
In the rules I wrote a rule for 310,310,1 so any 310 TS1 or 2 will get redirected to TS1 on our radios. Now the problem is when BM's active 310 TS is 2 there's nothing we can do to activate it short of having both programmed in the radios... 

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That is the comment from hb_confbridge’s sample configuration file – which is why I thought you were maybe using it. The one from DMRlink says “dmrlink” not “hblink”.
Also, I wrote the software. Please stop with the conjecture about how it was intended. Really, dude, I wrote it. I know what was intended.
You really need to slow your roll a bit. All of us deeply involved in the project are working professionals with full-time jobs, families etc. You’re really hitting us hard here with a lot of rapid fire “this won’t work” kind of stuff. Please take a little more time to methodically work through things and give clean, clear explanations of what you’re trying to do, and then wait for help.
I’m not going to be able to continue trying to help when you send 6-10 e-mails an hour.
Let’s stop taking this on a line-by-line in the configuration file style. Take a step back, explain clearly what you’re trying to do. At your current rate of e-mail, I will not be able to keep up trying to help.

On Apr 26, 2018, at 9:34 AM, Jamie R. Cid <jay@...> wrote:

Right and per this I dont think it will work...
SYSTEM - The name of the sytem as listed in the main hblink configuration file

Cort Buffington

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