Re: ASL BeagleBone Black

Steve N4IRS

I'm not surprised since the ASL image was last touched in late 2019. All of my nodes I run headless. I never worried about HDMI.

What you may want to do is to find a current Debian image for the BBB then add ASL beta. I retired the nodes running on the BBB so maybe it's time to sell my 2 BBB in metal boxes. 

On 11/20/22 02:07, Tom wrote:

Steve and Mike,
I've been using the original Archlinux image on several BBB servers for >5 years. This weekend, I needed to rebuild one of those due to corruption in the uSD media. I would much prefer to run a more current Debian image. I downloaded ASL_1.01-20191009-armhf-bbb-stretch-image and flashed it to memory. It boots and runs with SSH access; but the HDMI interface seems to be disabled. Also, I see that is Debian Wheezy (v7). I was also not able to install zerotier VPN like more recent distros allow.  

Since the RPi 2,3, &4 boards are virtually unavailable, the BBB is a good solution for single node applications. Mouser has thousands of them available NOW. I would humbly ask if you would be willing to tackle porting current ASL code to this platform. The ASL beta is very good and is available for RPi and Intel/AMD platforms. The old Archlinux implementation supports HDMI, and boots from the coaxial power jack without pressing any buttons.

Current code on the BBB would be a huge hit for many of us who can't get RPi boards.

Tom / K5TRA

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