DVSwitch Increasing Delay / Lag with Bluetooth Connection to Vehicle


Good Morning,

I have a question with regard to delay and/or lag between transmissions when using DVSwitch. I have recently purchased a new vehicle and in anticipation of buying one, a few months ago, I removed the dual band radio and AllStar node and swiched exclusively to DVSwitch while driving. While in the old vehicle I connected my Android phone to the bluetooth and was able to use DVSwitch with no issues at all. It worked great.

With the new vehicle and with the same connection, I am now finding that when in a QSO, conversations start out normal but as they progress (10 minutes in or so), there is a delay between transmissions that seems to progressively increase. People thought I was delaying and I thought it was them.

I am unable to identify a setting either in my vehicle radio, my phone, or in DVSwitch that could cause or fix this.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, was there a workaround?

Thank you in advance,

Travis - K2PCB 

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