Re: Alpha test of new DVSwitch programs available.

Steven Blackford


   Just a quick follow up, I setup a new ASL node today using Raspbian Stretch image & have a new bridge up & going over to DMR.  It’s working great!   Setup was straight forward.  Now I have a few more bridges to work on. 😉  Thanks for all the hard work to everyone!  73 de K4SQI!


Steve, K4SQI



From: Steve N4IRS
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2018 11:50 AM
Subject: [DVSwitch] Alpha test of new DVSwitch programs available.


I have built the first TEST package for DVSwitch on a Raspbian (Jessie and Stretch), x86. I have not tested it on x64 yet.
When I say tested, I mean the program starts and does not segfault. There is a lot of testing yet to do and I expect bugs in both the apt packages and programs.
This is early and fixes will follow as needed.
The programs are:
Analog_Bridge: Added P25 support. Added md380-emu for DMR, YSF narrow and NXDN support
MMDVM_Bridge: Supports all of the modes available for the MMDVM D-Star, DMR, YSF, P25 and NXDN 
Quantar_Bridge: Connect a native P25 Quantar to the MMDVM P25 system.

Each of these program deserve a page of their own to try to even scratch the surface of what you can build. These program CAN be used on a single repeater or hotspot but there are other great programs for that. The programs are intended to let you build bridges between modes. NXDN <-> DMR. You can bridge a NXDN reflector to a DMR TG (no transcoding needed) P25 <-> DMR. You can bridge a P25 reflector to a DMR TG.    

From there you get to configure it.
IF you want to try it:

As root
cd /tmp


chmod +x install-dvswitch-repo

 apt-get update


apt-get install analog-bridge
apt-get install mmdvm-bridge
apt-get install quantar-bridge

I will create metapackages to reduce the number of apt-get installs are required.
This is early and there will be bugs. One of the reason we chose to use the Debian package system is to allow quick updates. 

For DVSwitch,
73, Steve N4IRS 


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