Nice to see you have the new firmware builds on your side as well Steve.

On 19/5/23 10:39 pm, Steve N4IRS wrote:
Tony is correct, the firmware posted at
<> is configured for the RB STM32-DVM
I have built the last version of the firmware that worked with basic
Pi-Star. (Protocol version 1)

I also post the latest published firmware compiled for a serial speed
of 460800 (Protocol version 2) in a directory below the V1.
For example:

<> contains the
last V1 firmware
contains the current V2 firmware

I try to keep watch on the source so I can update the V2 firmware.

I hope this helps.
Steve N4IRS

On 5/19/23 02:30, Tony Langdon via wrote:
On 12/5/23 12:29 am, Steve Bosshard NU5D wrote:
The Repeater Builder STM-32 FAQ points to for the latest firmware - for
their MMDVM Boards.

G4KLX also offers firmware for MMDVM Boards - and I have Zero experience with this
firmware.  I do have the MMDVMHost working with the Repeater Builder
STM-32 boards with no problems.

Today, I bought a AURSINC Hotspot MMDVM Board.  This is my first try
with a hot spot. (heretofore I have used the RB boards without any
hitches)    This hot spot is wired to a USB/TTL CP2102 interface and
connects the AURSINC board just fine with MMDVMHost.   I want to
experiment some more.

My question is what are the differences in the firmware at DV Switch
and g4klx/MMDVM ?  I am making an assumption that the DVSwitch
firmware is specifically made for RB boards, but wondering if the RB
firmware will work with the Brand X AURSINC board or vice versa ?
Thanks again for your patience and direction.  73, steve nu5d
Firmware is both simpler and more complicated than it seems.  Firstly,
the G4KLX firmware is the definitive firmware for the MMDVM modem
boards, and the builds on are builds of the G4KLX
firmware.  However, there is a catch.

Pre compiled firmware tends to be an older version.  This is only an
issue if you want M17 support, which is only in v1.60+ (I'm not sure
about USRP support in FM mode).  However, there's many Pi-Star systems
that aren't compatible with the current firmware out in the wild.  There
is an unofficial update that makes Pi-Star compatible with M17 (and the
newer firmware), or alternatively, you can use the W0CHP dashboard,
which has been updated to be compatible with the latest firmware.

Also, the compile time options may be different for the different
boards.  Some, like RB v4 and the BI7JTA boards are compatible (with
only a minor cosmetic difference), others can be different.

Anyway, I can't recall seeing the latest firmware precompiled, I've
always built my own from the G4KLX GitHGub source.

Note:  the above discussions refers to the modem (not hotspot) boards,
but there are similar issues with the hotspot boards as well.  Their
firmware is in a different repo altogether.
73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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