PTT always on when connected to the repeater


Hello,  I installed DVswitch on an Android Samsumg phone, and configured it to connect on my Allstar server (connected to a VHF amateur repeater).

I have a strange PTT issue with DvSwitch :  Everything works fine, but this minor issue:
when I connect to my repeater with DVSwitch, the PTT remains always on (on the air) on the repeater.
from my Android phone, My TX audio is transmitted over the air when I press "PTT" icon, and is NOT transmitted when I don't press on "PTT", and RX audio is fine.  But PTT remains activated on the VHF repeater as long as I stay connected on the node with DVSwitch.

Is there a parameter to correct this?

Phone: Samsung SM-A037W (Galaxy A03S)
Android v13
QS version: 33 (13)
App version: v2.0.2(187), registered

Thank you in advance, kind regards.
Daniel VE2BAP

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