Re: PTT always on when connected to the repeater

Steve N4IRS

Please post the [ve2ap] stanza in iax.conf and the matching context in extensions.conf If you don't know the context, just post the iax stanza and I'll tell you what to get from extensions.conf.

Steve N4IRS

On 5/20/23 17:08, VE2BAP via wrote:

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Hello,  I installed DVswitch on an Android Samsumg phone, and configured it to connect on my Allstar server (connected to a VHF amateur repeater).

I have a strange PTT issue with DvSwitch :  Everything works fine, but this minor issue:
when I connect to my repeater with DVSwitch, the PTT remains always on (on the air) on the repeater.
from my Android phone, My TX audio is transmitted over the air when I press "PTT" icon, and is NOT transmitted when I don't press on "PTT", and RX audio is fine.  But PTT remains activated on the VHF repeater as long as I stay connected on the node with DVSwitch.

Is there a parameter to correct this?

Phone: Samsung SM-A037W (Galaxy A03S)
Android v13
QS version: 33 (13)
App version: v2.0.2(187), registered

Thank you in advance, kind regards.
Daniel VE2BAP

Steve Zingman N4IRS
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