Steve Bosshard NU5D

Tony - thank you and all for responding.  I am just experimenting.  I have downloaded the G4KLX MMDVMHost file.  From what I understand the next step is to edit the conf.h file to taste.  I have pasted a couple of stanaz's below.  I have never worked with this exactly, so my first question, in editing the file I belive the # comments out a line ?  Is the intent to comment out an entire stanza like # // The General section or to comment out one line at a time.  I apologize for such dumb questions but I have never done this before.

I used gh to clone the file into /MMDVMHost,  Next I see these 2 git commands

git submodule init
git submodule update

I don't understand the reason for why git submodule init and git submodule update and did not find any explanation in the readme files.

Then in the make command  or make pi, but not an explanation for why.  Then finally make install to generate the flash file.  I am ok with stm32flash -v -w "file.bin" /dev/ttyUSB0

Thanks again for your patience.  If there is a better venue for asking please let me know, and thank you again, steve nu5d

  // The General section
  std::string  getCallsign() const;
  unsigned int getId() const;
  unsigned int getTimeout() const;
  bool         getDuplex() const;
  std::string  getDisplay() const;
  bool         getDaemon() const;

  // The Info section
  unsigned int getRXFrequency() const;
  unsigned int getTXFrequency() const;
  unsigned int getPower() const;
  float        getLatitude() const;
  float        getLongitude() const;
  int          getHeight() const;
  std::string  getLocation() const;
  std::string  getDescription() const;
  std::string  getURL() const;

  // The Log section
  unsigned int getLogDisplayLevel() const;
  unsigned int getLogFileLevel() const;
  std::string  getLogFilePath() const;
  std::string  getLogFileRoot() const;
  bool         getLogFileRotate() const;

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