Re: Alpha test of new DVSwitch programs available.

Matthew 2E0SIP

Steve - Thanks for the detailed reply, things are a little clearer now. 

Glen - For Teamspeak and Zello most people are doing the DMR to Analogue conversion with AllStar Asterisk + Analogue Bridge, using a SIP/IAX client to 'dial' into AllStar, bridging the audio with virtual audio cables and relying on VOX to trigger the PTT. It's not pretty, but it works. Teamspeak has some SDKs and public documentation that indicates creating a USRP link would be possible with some work, but Zello is a Windows only "black box".

One note on Zello - I've been told by several people that Zello adds significant latency that can make anything but Rx only challenging, although I've not verified this myself.

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