Re: DMR-MARC changes

Mike, AA9VI

You are misinformed about a couple of things. 

DMR-MARC is alive and well.  Our host who had been providing a free service disconnected a server and we restored it on a new hosting service last night. We thank him for his past support.  We have asked Hans and his team who have been maintaining the registration of new repeaters and callsigns for Europe and Africa and who have been working with the D-Star/CCS7 community and DMR+ community for years to maintain the entire world and Hans has accepted.  He is a very fair and honest guy and someone we do not have to worry about when it comes to doing what is right. I don't think Hans has any political motives so that is why we asked him and his team to help.  If you need CSV files and such, Hans would be the guy to ask.  As others have pointed out, the new Euro privacy laws and some people over the last year that made our volunteers overburdened drove this decision. We all have priorities in life and have to find the best family and work balance with our hobbies.

Regarding the DMR-MARC situation for repeaters, we are taking an approach of continuing to support cbridge as we have with our core CC servers and our repeater bridges.  It is only fair that those that have contributed to the Pay Pal see some return on their investment.  Most of those servers have moved them to a new host.  For over 2 years now we have successfully partnered with DMR+, a Worldwide team of repeaters in over 30 countries with over 300 reflectors. We will continue to support our current repeaters on the DMR+ servers we support as well as accept new repeaters on the system..  We believe it is a more scaleabale architecture with more options than the legacy cbridge architecture and easier to maintain from a admin time commitment.  As you may know, many of the cbridge talkgroups are available on our DMR+ platform, with the exception of Worldwide English TG13 and Worldwide TG1.  Pretty much the rest are available on both platforms - including many regionals, statewide, and sub-regionals.

Please visit  to learn more about DMR+.  It's a system where the repeater owner has control over what he/she gets and when.  It is similar to D-Star architecture from a user viewpoint.  We don't have to go in and add a new talkgroup to every bridge when we create it.  The average user also can participate in the QSO even if he/she does not have the talkgroup programmed into the radio.  It's simpler for the average ham and less work for admins so that is why we have been very happy with it.  We even offer XLX access and use some of the tools promoted in this forum!  Heck, we encourage it!  So, innovation is alive and well on DMRPlus USA and DMR-MARC.

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