Re: New to this group - Interested in DMR to analog linking.

Steve N4IRS

No hardware USRP required. The USRP channel driver simply transports the analog (PCM) via UDP in and out of AllStarLInk. Take a look in the file section <> Any reference you dee to DMRGateway, think Analog_Bridge.

On 5/8/2018 1:27 PM, George Zafiropoulos wrote:
Thanks very much Steve.  Is there a any documentation on these things or a pointer to a github?  Also when you say the AllStar link uses USRP channel driver, is this an Ettus USRP driver?  Is there a hardware USRP in the loop or is it all software?
Thanks for taking the time to help me understand.

On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 10:16 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:
I have to admit, to say there is a lack of documentation is a understatement. I can give you the basics of analog to DMR. All of the bridging programs used are building blocks. For analog, we provide a connection to an AllStarLInk node using the USRP channel driver. For the connection to BM you have a couple of choices depending on the complexity of what you are trying to do. The flow diagram looks like this:
AlLStarLink <---> Analog_Bridge <--> DMR Network Bridge
For a simple BM connection you can use MMDDVM_Bridge. If you plan to filter TGs or bridge other networks then HB_Bridge will do the job quite well. 

73, Steve N4IRS

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