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Steve N4IRS

I have made some changes to the DVSwitch repositories, to better align naming and distributions. The packages are:
1: Available for ARM, i386 and AMD64
2: ARM and i386 will run on Jessie and Stretch
3: AMD64 will run on Debian Stretch AMD64 and Ubuntu AMD64
3: All packages will be in the stretch repository

The available packages are:
dvswitch_base, Analog_Bridge, md380-emu, MMDVM_Bridge, P25Gateway, P25Parrot.

The metapackages are named dvswitch and quantar.

dvswitch contains:
dvswitch_base, Analog_Bridge, md380-emu and MMDVM_Bridge

quantar contains:
dvswitch_base, MMDVM_Bridge, Quantar_Bridge P25Gateway, P25Parrot

After installing the repository, you can install either dvswitch or quantar or both

I hope this make sense and will make things easier for people.

To install the repository:
As root
cd /tmp

chmod +x install-dvswitch-repo
 apt-get update

73, Steve N4IRS

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