DMR to AllStar Bridge


Hello, I'm new to the DVSwitch group.

I was told there was a software only option do do what i'm trying to
do and link and existing DMR talk group to an existing AllStar node.

Can anyone provide details on how to accomplish this?

I'm running VOIP on my AllStar node am I able to use this RasPi or do
I need to get another one dedicated to the linking?

I'm pretty much lost on the rest.

Thanks for any help and assitance. Enjoy seeing so much interest in
the cutting edge :)

Russell Thomas, KV4S

Cell: 205.202.1701
DMR: 3101393
D-Star: KV4S
AllStar: 47923
EchoLink: KV4S-L
HamShackHotline: 4225

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