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I am almost done reading all 240+ messages in this forum, while doing that I noticed a rough draft in the files section on how to set up Analog Bridge (wiki is empty) After setting up Analog Bridge.ARM and dmrlink as per the document, it then pointed me to the files that now live under the "Retired" folder /dmrlink/Retired(if I recall) but I was not able to conduct any more testing, but noticing these files were no longer in use left me practically at the starting point again.

If I want to make my own network, and  link my DVMega MMDVM and be able to listen to BrandMeister and Echolink and Allstar, what repos do I need to clone?

I have noticed some commands from N4IRS regarding git and the branches but since they were in response to other threads I just want to be sure what to download. I would then proceed to look over at the config files to fill in the blanks, and then post a question if I get stuck.

I have an Rpi3 with a DV3000u for this project.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

José Roberto Ruíz García Salas TG9AOR

José Roberto Ruíz García Salas

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