Re: Administrative request


Le 14/06/2017 à 16:38, Steve N4IRS a écrit :
We are up to 33 members here. I have to say, I'm a little surprised. I would like to ask everyone to include their call sign in their display name in their profile.
Done. Anyway, I'm not usuning WEB interface. I'm using a mail client, and this account is used for various mailing-lists (not only ham-related). I thought about adding my callsign in the "Sender name", but this would be irrelevant for non-ham emails...

I just need some free time to finish and deploy our internal/hamnet mail server, then I'll be able to use "". I found a new open-source mail server solution called "Mailcow", and I'd like to have a try (among hundreds of other things on my todo-list, HI)

73 de TK1BI

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