locked sticky Test reflectors available

Steve N4IRS

We have created a set of test reflectors for people to point their bridges at for testing. These bridges are stand alone and you can pretty much do what ever you want. These reflectors are not intended for long term bridging but it will be a safe place to test your bridge without getting the whole world mad at you. Each reflector will have a dashboard so you can see your connection. I will be updating MMDVM_Bridge.ini to default to these reflectors rather then This should make it easier to configure a bridge the first time and reduce the confusion by removing some of the multiple entries.

p25reflector.dvswitch.org    Port=43166 TG=3166
ysfreflector.dvswitch.org     Port=42166
nxdnreflector.dvswitch.org  Port=41400 TG=3166
hblink.dvswitch.org             Port=62031 password=passw0rd


73, Steve N4IRS

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