Peter Buckley

Question:  How to run at boot time.

Allstar-DMR Gateway is working.

Goal is to have Allstar-DMR Gateway to start running at boot time.
Script runs at boot time          /etc/init.d/       (rights set to execute)

After boot, after logging in as   root  then    top    shows first command ran (I can see the process) HOWEVER second command did not.  WHY?
(after boot I can login as root and run  second command - it runs fine)
How to fix?  --pete  N0ECT

(  script below)


sleep 20
cd /opt/Analog_Bridge

sudo ./Analog_Bridge ./Analog_Bridge.ini

sleep 20

cd /opt/HBlink

sudo python ./ -c ./hblink.cfg


On Thursday, May 24, 2018 4:34 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

Support for the family of DVSwitch programs is "peer to peer" In other words, we need people to help each other. This is done via For a quick back and forth to resolve, any of the subgroups is fine. For longer term support, I have setup a support subgroup. <> Please don't e-mail the developers directly unless requested by the developers

Here is a excerpt from the upcoming documentation outline:

    • Debugging
      • How to report an error
        • Short and precise title (HELP! is not what we have in mind here)
        • Concise description, steps to reproduce and if need suggested behavior
        • Environment
          • Hardware platform (ARM, X86, VPS, etc)
          • Operating system and version (uname -a)
        • Application version and build time stamp
        • Configuration files
        • Log files
        • PLEASE avoid sending screenshots

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