Re: Adding hb_confbridge Into the Mix

Steve N4IRS

3 MMDVM nodes---->HBLink----->HB_Bridge---->IPSC Bridge--->CBridge---> TRBO Repeaters

MMDVM1 <---> hb_confbridge_M1
MMDVM2 <---> hb_confbridge_M2
MMDVM3 <---> hb_confbridge_M3
             hb_confbridge_C1 <---> HB_Bridge---->IPSC Bridge--->CBridge---> TRBO Repeaters

M1, M2, M3 are MASTERS defined in hblink.cfg for the confbridge
C1 is a CLIENT defined in hblink.cfg for the confbridge

You would continue to start the HB <---> IPSC Bridge with "python" and "python" Just as before
The hb_confbridge_rules would be used to control the traffic between the MMDVM Clients and the traffic from the MMDVM Clients to HB_Bridge.
You would start hb_confbridge with "python"

You will have 2 instances of running. You can control this by keeping them in separate directories or by passing the name of the config file on the command line.
As with all bridges, build from the outside in. Since you already have most of this running, build up the confbridge get the MMDVM clients connected and the rules defined.
When that all works, make the confbridge to HB_Bridge connection. This off the top of my head and others may have input as to a better way.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 5/29/2018 2:31 PM, James - K4JK wrote:

Python newb here. Thanks for all the work on this software, it's greatly appreciated.

I maintain about a 10 repeater c-Bridge network. We have added some MMDVM devices using HB_Bridge and IPSC_Bridge. We've been using a circa June 2017 cloned version of DMRLink and HBLink.

Works great. Our setup looks like this:

3 MMDVM nodes---->HBLink----->HB_Bridge---->IPSC Bridge--->CBridge---> TRBO Repeaters

All of the MMDVM nodes connect to the same port, there is only one MASTER stanza in the hblink.cfg file. We have repeat on so all MMDVM devices hear everything the others are doing.

Works well but I want to add hb_confbridge into the mix so I can better control group calls between the MMDVM devices. (I basically want to filter Local TGs between Repeaters)

I get the gist of how to do this, but I'm getting hung up on how all of these programs are started once we get there. For instance, now I just call and and everything is happy. As I understand it, calls etc. and things work.

Once I add more stanzas to the hblink.cfg file and setup my bridges in, what do I start to get all of this up and running again? Do I need to call hb_confbridge in addition to HB_Bridge? Will that create too many instances of HBLink running?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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