Re: Adding hb_confbridge Into the Mix

Steve N4IRS

The trick is to not think of it as hblink. Though hblink provides the connectivity to the CLIENTS and MASTERS and the config file is called hblink.cfg, forget exists. We are discussing hb_confbridge and HB_Bridge.
hb_confbridge will face your MMDVM CLIENTS and HB_Bridge will face it's Partner, IPSC_Bridge. Your hb_confbridge would be 3 masters and client. The rules, hb_confbridge_rules would control the traffic flow.


On 5/29/2018 3:44 PM, James - K4JK wrote:
Aha. So I in essence would have the "outside facing" HBLink instance running with three masters and a client. (For the MMDVM Devices)

Then I would have a "inside" HBLink instance running that has one master. (It allows the client mentioned above to connect to it.)

These are called by hb_confbridge, and HB_Bridge, respectively.

Am I on the right track?

Thanks again.


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