sticky Re: Updated DVSwitch repository available

Steve N4IRS

Analog_Bridge is one of the programs in the overall DVSwitch "family" We have enhanced Analog_Bridge and added MMDVM_Bridge, Quantar_Bridge and a few others. We are still early in testing and we are now using the Debian apt method to install. Mike and I have been working on documentation and examples.

73, Steve

On 5/30/2018 10:11 AM, Mike Swiatkowski via Groups.Io wrote:
I may have fallen behind with the announcement so my apologies.  Is DVSwitch replacing Analog_Bridge from github since it also contains Analog_Bridge and has much more functionality?  It looks like that is where most of yours and Mike's development efforts have been concentrated lately.  I'm looking forward to trying it all out. 

Mike, AA9VI

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