Re: New ASL / Echolink <> DMR Gateway up!

Steve N4IRS

The gatewayDmrId value is what appears as the station on BM. Since ASL has no Metadata, there is now real way to extract the real transmitting station.

73, Steve

On 05/31/2018 07:18 PM, jon@... wrote:
Hey, thanks to all of you who posted your configs. 

I've now got a bridge up and running on the following:

BM TG 98003 (RedditNet)
ASL 48224
Echolink KM8V-L

And it all works!

One question:

Is there any way to control what callsign appears on Brandmeister, or will everything that comes through the bridge come through with my call?

Thanks & 73 de KM8V

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