Re: I have missed some major step on install

WillieB <will@...>

Chris, I installed on a fresh install of Debian 9.4, no issues at all following Russell’s guide. If all else fails…



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Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] I have missed some major step on install


As far as the duplicate, not really. Because the ASL install was from the the ASL ISO, the repo was already installed. The install script does not look in the proper place. I need to fix that.
As far as the format errors, I fixed the install so that does not happen. I do recommend you ssh in so that you can copy and paste. Practice practice, practice...

On 6/1/2018 1:53 PM, Chris via Groups.Io wrote:

Thank you!
I'm sorry to be so darn ignorant on this subject.
I'm studying linux hard, but have so much more to learn on basic in's and out's.

Did I do something terribly wrong?

I want to be able to help a few other guys here in our area and want to be able to duplicate this.



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