Re: IPSC_Bridge & HB_Bridge etc. - ID Database

Jon K1IMD <jon@...>

Yep... Understood....

I modified and will edit/correct the changes!


On 6/1/2018 5:25 PM, Cort N0MJS wrote:
These lines do not exist in in the repos.

––––––>>>>>>>> #   if _config['ALIASES']['TRY_DOWNLOAD'] == True: # Disabled because DMR-MARC Servers NG
––––––>>>>>>>>    if _config['ALIASES']['TRY_DOWNLOAD'] == False:

I respectfully suggest you might still have a problem after you add:

to the config file ALIASES stanza… Unless of course you want to download files if you have the “TRY_DOWNLOAD” flag set to False and NOT download them if “TRY_DOWNLOAD” is true.

Cort Buffington

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