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Peter M0NWI


These is a custom ports firewall file in /root you can alter to allow custom ports, you need to edit the file, do an update (which incorporates the customs), and a restart.

If you just mod it directly then it stops PiStar doing any further updates, which is a bit annoying, but I understand where Andy is coming from with regards to being secure and easier to support.


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Ben and i have been working via e-mail direct to resolve his issue. To be complete and have a post for the next guy that runs into this I'm posting the results.
Ben is trying to connect to a clean install of HBlink on a VPS host. He can not connect with a Pi-Star DMRGateway on ports 62113 and 8413. When I tried from my non Pi-Star MMDVMHost, I was able to connect.
Well, I tried on my Pi-Star install. I could not connect on port numbers 62113 and 8413. When I changed Ben's hblink.cfg to the default HB port of 62031, I could connect with DMRGateway on my Pi-Star install.

I checked the Pi-Star GUI, I could find no editor for the firewall on the Pi-Star  install. I think you could edit the file used to setup the firewall, but I'm going to stop here. Can you guess what the problem is?

Pi-Star is blocking the outbound UDP traffic on ports 62113 and 8413. I just set fire to my Pi-Star install so I could not test further. (not really)

73, Steve N4IRS

On 06/03/2018 12:36 PM, beni@... wrote:
sure, be my guest if you like. Port changed to 62113 by the way and still no connection

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