New member, few questions regarding hblink/hb_bridge/hb_confbridge

Colby Ross W1BSB

Hello. New to the group. I was honestly unaware of the existence of these programs. I had heard of them mentioned before but never actually had the chance to sit down and experiment and play with them.

I have a basic system set up only for mmdvm clients. I followed the tutorial here:

I set up a simple single master instance for MMDVMHost clients to connect to, with Repeat enabled. It all worked well, traffic was repeated to other clients. So I dug a little deeper and have spent a great deal of time reading the messages here on how everything comes together, but I'm still missing a piece of the puzzle.

I was looking at creating an isolated network for a local ARES project. Single master, few clients. We'll say only MMDVMHost based clients at this time.  I am looking for a way to isolate what what talkgroups are routed over the master, depending on what a connected client selects or knows to use.  I'm thinking I might need more than one master to do this and use something like hb_confbridge to achieve this end, while the clients are connecting to only one master, but I'm not sure. This is all a bit green to me. In the future, adding other types of clients such as Motorola IPSC clients would be in the mix, but I wanted to get this base setup figured out first, and I am a bit lost as to if this is possible given the current design or not.  Obviously, the system works perfect and will repeat anything it hears, from any client, but I wanted a way to determine what is repeated with a single master for all clients to connect to, in order to keep it simple.

Is something like this possible? I feel like it is, and I'm just missing a fairly large piece of the puzzle as to how to implement this with the current programs that are available. I'm trying to avoid several clients connecting to a single master and people using a talk group of their own that is getting sent to all the other connected clients when ultimately that isn't what we need or want, but still allow them to do that so long as the other clients that want to participate explicitly set that on their end (if that makes sense).  Appreciate any help in advance. This project is really interesting and intriguing. This is my first time using this software and figuring it all out, and I apologize in advance if I'm missing some very basic step to do this.


Colby W1BSB

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