Re: New member, few questions regarding hblink/hb_bridge/hb_confbridge

Colby Ross W1BSB <colbypr@...>

So, on repeat, it repeats everything the clients send to the master to the other clients. So if I want to only pass traffic to the clients that they want to hear. i.e. subscription to a specific talk group,  So if we have Server A, and Client B, and Client C, and Client C starts talking on TG300, Client B will receive it when it is just on Repeat. In the same scenario, we have 4 clients, B, C, D, and E. B and E want to have a conversation on TG350, while C and D want to have one on TG300, without the talk group traffic on 300 or 350 being forwarded to systems that aren't interested in it. I think thats the basis of what I'm trying to do.

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