Building a private network with (mostly) MMDVM P25 repeaters

Robert Johnson

So, I've been searching thru the message archive for a half an hour, without much luck, and I'm wondering some things.

There are about 10 of us in the larger pacific northwest who are potentially interested in building our own little semi-private MMDVM based network - all of us have P25 hardware, but some of us are getting on the DMR bandwagon now too - those of us with DMR are using the local (and wonderful may I note) DCI PNW DMR network - but we're all rag chewers, and (I at least) feel bad about chewing up someone elses resources to sit and flap our gums. We more or less all have needed hardware to build an MMDVM based network.

So, what we're wondering is, how hard is it to do the following, and is DVSwitch the missing link we've been looking for to link ourselves together by:

Creating a heterogeneous linked P25 network (some Quantars, but mostly MMDVM based repeaters).
Optionally, adding DMR based sites in as well (which I know comes with the pain of transcoding).
Creating a linked DMR only network of repeaters.
Doing this without having an always on tie up to a larger established network - without closing the door to a connection to brandmeister or some other network.

I discovered the MMDVM project about three months ago, and I've been looking for the missing link to tie MMDVM repeaters together on P25 - and today I discovered this - can DVSwitch be the missing link we've been looking for?

Thanks and 73's
Robert Johnson

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